Network Coding for Energy-Efficient Distributed Storage System in Wireless Sensor Networks. (arXiv:1304.1705v1 [cs.NI])

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A network coding-based scheme is proposed to improve the energy efficiency of
distributed storage systems in WSNs (wireless sensor networks), which mainly
focuses on two problems: firstly, consideration is given to effective
distributed storage technology in WSNs; secondly, we address how to repair the
data in failed storage nodes with less resource. For the first problem, we
propose a method to obtain a sparse generator matrix to construct network
codes, and this sparse generator matrix is proven to be the sparsest.
Benefiting from the sparse generator matrix, the energy consumption required to
implement distributed storage is reduced. For the second problem, we designed a
network coding-based iterative repair method, which adequately utilizes the
idea of re-encoding at intermediate nodes from network coding theory.
Benefiting from the re-encoding, the energy consumption required by data repair
is significantly reduced. Moreover, we provide an explicit lower bound of field
size required by this scheme, which implies that this scheme can work over a
very small field and the required computation overhead of coding is very low.
The simulation result verifies that by using our scheme, the total energy
consumption required to implement distributed storage system in WSNs can be
reduced on the one hand, and on the other hand, this method can also balance
energy consumption of the networks.



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