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longview Linode Longview



I don’t have enough words to express, how much I love Linode. If you search my blog with the keyword “linode” you can find the reviews and rants that I’ve done about them. Linode is beta testing a new feature called Linode “Longview” which provides you beautiful live graphs and information about your virtual machines. Its not limited to linode, you can monitor any external VM’s or Dedicated servers with longview.

Like I said longview is still in early beta stage so things might change when it goes public. However it is working flawlessly at the moment and those graphs looks pretty nice. Since longview is in beta you will need to open a support ticket explaining why you need it to gain access.

Setting up Longview is very easy, just click “add client” and it will give you a bash script to run


linode longview Linode Longview



Just run that command on terminal and everything just works after that.

longview beta Linode Longview



Go inside and you can see there are many stats are available about your node such as

  • Top Processes
  • System information
  • Process Explorer
  • Disk
  • Network
  • Packages with available updates

I will provide few screenshots below.


systemstats Linode Longview



longview disks Linode Longview


longview process Linode Longview





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