Repair for Distributed Storage Systems with Erasure Channels. (arXiv:1301.7054v1 [cs.IT])

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We study the repair problem of distributed storage systems in erasure
networks where the packets transmitted from surviving nodes to the new node
might be lost. The fundamental storage-bandwidth tradeoff is calculated by
multicasting analysis in erasure networks. The optimal tradeoff bound can be
asymptotically achieved when the number of transmission (packets) goes to
infinity. For a limited number of transmission, we study the probability of
successful regenerating. Then, we investigate two approaches of increasing the
probability of successful regenerating, namely, by connecting more surviving
nodes or by increasing the storage space of nodes. Using more nodes may pose
larger delay and in certain situation it might not be possible to connect to
more nodes too. We show that in addition to reducing repair bandwidth,
increasing storage space can also increase reliability for repair.


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