High-Rate Regenerating Codes Through Layering. (arXiv:1301.6157v1 [cs.IT])

from cs.IT updates on arXiv.org http://arxiv.org/abs/1301.6157

In this paper, we provide explicit constructions for a class of exact-repair
regenerating codes that possess a layered structure. These regenerating codes
correspond to interior points on the storage-repair-bandwidth tradeoff where
the cut-set bound of network coding is known to be not achievable although it
is known that one can, under functional repair, asymptotically achieve the
bound. The codes presented in this paper compare well in comparison to schemes
that employ space-sharing between MSR and MBR points, and thus provide the
best-known lower bound on file size obtained through explicit construction. The
codes are high-rate and can repair multiple nodes simultaneously. Also, no
computation at helper nodes is required in order to repair a failed node.



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