Optimal Locally Repairable and Secure Codes for Distributed Storage Systems. (arXiv:1210.6954v1 [cs.IT])

from cs.IT updates on arXiv.org http://arxiv.org/abs/1210.6954

This paper aims to go beyond resilience into the study of security and
locality for distributed storage systems (DSS). Security and locality are both
important as features of an efficient storage system, and this paper aims to
understand the tradeoffs between resilience, security and locality in these
systems. In particular, this paper first investigates security in the presence
of colluding eavesdroppers, where eavesdroppers are assumed to work together in
decoding stored information. Second, the paper focuses on coding schemes that
enable optimal local repairs. It further brings these two concepts together, to
develop locally-repairable coding schemes for DSS that are secure against

The main results of this paper include: a. An improved bound on the secrecy
capacity for minimum storage regenerating codes, b. secure coding schemes that
achieve the bound for some special cases, c. new minimum distance bound for
locally repairable codes, d. code construction for locally repairable codes
that achieves the minimum distance bound, and e. repair-bandwidth-efficient
locally repairable codes with and without security constraints.



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