Codes with Local Regeneration. (arXiv:1211.1932v1 [cs.IT])

from cs.IT updates on

In distributed storage codes, there is interest in designing codes that not
only ensure reliability and allow data collection by connecting to a subset of
nodes in the network, but which in addition, minimize the amount of data
downloaded for repair of a failed node as well as the number of nodes
participating in node repair. Regenerating codes and codes with locality are
two schemes that have recently been proposed to address this need. While
regenerating codes seek to minimize the amount of data downloaded for node
repair, codes with locality attempt to minimize the number of helper nodes
contacted by the replacement of a failed node. This raises the question as to
whether or not it is possible to design a coding scheme that is efficient in
both respects. We answer this question in the affirmative, by providing
constructions of codes with locality in which the local codes are regenerating
codes. We derive an upper bound on the minimum distance of this class of codes
and show that the proposed constructions achieve this bound. The constructions
include both the cases where the local regenerating codes correspond to the
Minimum Storage Regenerating (MSR) point as well as the Minimum Bandwidth
Regenerating (MBR) point on the storage-repair-bandwidth tradeoff curve.



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