Non-homogeneous distributed storage systems. (arXiv:1208.2078v1 [cs.IT])

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This paper describes a non-homogeneous distributed storage systems (DSS),
where there is one super node which has a larger storage size and higher
reliability and availability than the other storage nodes. We propose three
distributed storage schemes based on (k+2; k) maximum distance separable (MDS)
codes and non-MDS codes to show the efficiency of such non-homogeneous DSS in
terms of repair efficiency and data availability. Our schemes achieve optimal
bandwidth (k+1/2)(M/k) when repairing 1-node failure, but require only one
fourth of the minimum required file size and can operate with a smaller field
size leading to significant complexity reduction than traditional homogeneous
DSS. Moreover, with non-MDS codes, our scheme can achieve an even smaller
repair bandwidth of M/2k . Finally, we show that our schemes can increase the
data availability by 10% than the traditional homogeneous DSS scheme.


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