Exact Cooperative Regenerating Codes with Minimum-Repair-Bandwidth for Distributed Storage. (arXiv:1207.0879v1 [cs.IT])

from cs.IT updates on arXiv.org http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.0879

We give an explicit construction of exact cooperative regenerating codes at
the MBCR (minimum bandwidth cooperative regeneration) point. Before the paper,
the only known explicit MBCR code is given with parameters $n=d+r$ and $d=k$,
while our construction applies to all possible values of $n,k,d,r$. The code
has a brief expression in the polynomial form and the data reconstruction is
accomplished by bivariate polynomial interpolation. It is a scalar code and
operates over a finite field of size $q\geq n$. Besides, we establish several
subspace properties for linear exact MBCR codes. Based on these properties we
prove that linear exact MBCR codes cannot achieve repair-by-transfer.



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