NC-Audit: Auditing for Network Coding Storage. (arXiv:1203.1730v1 [cs.CR])

from cs.NI updates on

Network coding-based storage has recently received a lot of attention thanks
to its ability to efficiently repair failed nodes. Independently, another body
of work has proposed integrity checking schemes for cloud storage, none of
which, however, is customized for network coding storage or can efficiently
support repair. In this work, we bridge the gap between these currently
disconnected bodies of work, and we focus on the (novel) advantage of network
coding for integrity checking. We propose NC-Audit – a remote data integrity
checking scheme, designed specifically for network coding-based storage cloud.
NC-Audit provides a unique combination of desired properties: (i) efficient
checking of data integrity (ii) efficient support for repairing failed nodes
(iii) full support for modification of outsourced data and (iv) protection
against information leakage when checking is performed by a third party. The
key ingredient of the design of NC-Audit is a novel combination of SpaceMac, a
homomorphic MAC scheme for network coding, and NCrypt, a novel CPA-secure
encryption scheme that is compatible with SpaceMac. Our evaluation of a Java
implementation of NC-Audit shows that an audit costs the storage node and the
auditor only a few milliseconds of computation time, and lower bandwidth than
prior work.



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