Allocations for Heterogenous Distributed Storage. (arXiv:1202.1596v1 [cs.IT])

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We study the problem of storing a data object in a set of data nodes that
fail independently with given probabilities. Our problem is a natural
generalization of a homogenous storage allocation problem where all the nodes
had the same reliability and is naturally motivated for peer-to-peer and cloud
storage systems with different types of nodes. Assuming optimal erasure coding
(MDS), the goal is to find a storage allocation (i.e, how much to store in each
node) to maximize the probability of successful recovery. This problem turns
out to be a challenging combinatorial optimization problem. In this work we
introduce an approximation framework based on large deviation inequalities and
convex optimization. We propose two approximation algorithms and study the
asymptotic performance of the resulting allocations.



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